Attorney General Bill Barr Slams the CCP, Says China Secretly Coercing US Business Leaders (VIDEO)

US Attorney General Bill Barr on Thursday delivered a speech on China policy at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

Barr slammed the CCP and said China is secretly coercing and pressuring US business leaders.

“The CCP has long used public threats of retaliation and barred market access to exert influence,” Barr said. “More recently, however, the CCP has also stepped up behind the scenes efforts to cultivate and coerce American business executives to further its political objectives.”

Barr continued, “Efforts that are all the more pernicious because they are largely hidden from public view.”

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Barr said this presents a significant threat because “hiding behind American voices allows the Chinese government to elevate its influence campaigns and put a friendly face on its pro-regime policies.”

Barr also called out universities in the US that take money from China and kowtow to the CCP by silencing speech or canceling events on topics considered “controversial by Beijing.”


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