The Hidden Tax Of Inflation And One Way To Protect Savings

Note: As the Fed’s balance sheet explodes and the government’s response to coronavirus continues, it’s important to explore all options for protecting your wealth. Take a look at this sponsored message from Peter Reagan at Birch Gold:


ALERT: U.S. Fed Sacrificing American Savings to Bail Out Big Banks & Wall Street!

As I write this, the Federal Reserve is pulling out ALL THE STOPS to save Big Banks and Wall Street.

Its balance sheet has EXPLODED to over $6 trillion. And in a move that was unthinkable just a few months ago, they will soon buy high-yield junk debt.

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Perhaps these actions will save Big Banks and Wall Street…

…But they may devastate the savings of millions of Americans through the hidden tax of inflation.

Are your savings protected from this? Do you even know how to prepare?

If you have an IRA or 401(k), here’s one way to prepare (before it’s too late)

In this moment of crisis, as the Fed looks out for Big Banks and Wall Street, don’t miss your chance to look out for yourself.

To combat this “hidden tax”, Alan Greenspan offers one simple piece of advice: “Gold stands in the way of this insidious process.”

Today, one of the best ways to move into gold and silver is to convert your IRA or 401(k) into a “Self Directed” Gold IRA.

While you still can: Get a no-cost info kit on gold, and the IRS Tax Law to move your IRA or 401(k) to precious metals – with NO tax consequences.

Get your info kit on gold here. There is ZERO cost and ZERO obligation to you – we’ll even pay for shipping.

This free 20-page “insider’s” kit on Gold reveals precisely how this IRS Tax Law works, and how you can start moving your IRA or 401(k) as soon as today… without paying any taxes on the transfer. It’s all explained in this free info kit on gold.

I must remind you, there may not be much time left to make this critical switch. When the Fed’s reckless actions finally catch up to them, financial chaos could quickly spread throughout the entire system, causing devastating losses.

I still have some of these info kits available today – claim yours now!

Peter Reagan
Birch Gold Group

Last Thing: As the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet skyrockets, so does the value of your savings decline. Request your info kit on gold now – while you still can.


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