TSLA Explodes Higher (Again) – Musk Now 5th Richest Man In The World

Another day, another totally f**king insane surge in everyone’s favorite carmaker (sorry “tech” stock).

TSLA is up over 13% this morning…

…up almost 80% since the start of July!

As we suspect the old “gamma”-ramp trade is back, with the $2000 and $2500 strike calls the most-active this morning…

This surge in market cap (to $311 bn) is incredible ($130 billion in 13 days)… now approaching the same market cap as WalMart.

Has lifted Elon Musk’s net worth above $70 billion (now personally worth more than Ford and GM market cap)…

And after today’s surge, he is now the fifth richest man in the world, surpassing Warren Buffett, Larry Page, and Steve Ballmer.

We have nothing to add.

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