Reasons for the Slow Growth of Virtual Reality in Gambling

Virtual Reality (VR) has, for a long time, been fronted as the next game-changer in gambling. After online gaming took over from the land casinos, VR was to take it to even more level. VR is all about experiencing the physical casino without having to visit one in person.

All this sounds rosy, except it is not working has envision. The rate of VR uptake in gambling has been quite low. Here are some of the reasons for that slow growth;

Few Game Selection

One of the main selling points for the online casino has been the large number of game selections. Online gaming allows unlimited gaming options and game levels. This is different from VR gaming with limited options. Most game developers are yet to embrace VR; thus, few games available for gamers.

Gamers Don’t Own VR Kits

Even though the VR headsets have been in place for some time, most gamers are yet to purchase them. Compared to phones where the access to smartphones has been growing over time, that of the VR has been a little slow.

Most people prefer mobile phones due to accessibility and convenience. Others also prefer buying a gaming console as opposed to a VR kit.

Some of the reasons why people don’t buy VR include pricing, limited content, and the out of touch with reality.

The Other Gaming Options Still Work Just Fine

Ever heard the adage never to tamper with that which is not broken? Well, the casino world embraces this notion. The current online gaming opportunities are so useful to even think of looking for options. Online casinos have been improving over time. So far, the casino has embraced gasification, better management systems, and HD graphics for the ultimate customer experience.

Few Gaming Sites Offer VR Gaming Option

No matter how much you want to game, you are not going to without the gaming option. Most of the established casinos are yet to embrace VR as a gaming option making it limited for gamers.  Before rolling the system, the site needs first to test it and observe the client’s reactions. For now, most of the sites are not willing to invest in the pricey VR kits without assured returns.

What are the Chances of VR succeeding in gambling?

While these reasons for slow uptake might spell doom for VR in casinos, it is not all bleak. There are still high hopes that the VR world will pick up with time. One of the reasons for expecting growth is the investments by top companies like Facebook. With a projected market value of $34.5 billion by 2023, the VR has a chance in online casino.

There is also the possibility of introducing a more appealing version of the VR like an alternate reality.

Bottom Line

Even though VR is one of the most exciting technologies today, it has failed to resonate with the gamblers. Most gamers are better off with the ever-expanding mobile gaming. They are into high-quality graphics, unlimited gaming selection, and accessibility. Still, with more investments and better innovations, the VR might gain some track. Only time will tell.



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