New Lawsuit Wants Answers on ‘unmasking’ Efforts in 2016

From 6KFDM:

WASHINGTON (SBG) — In the days following the election of Donald J. Trump, officials at the FBI wanted answers about potential interference in the 2016 election by Russia.

Since that time we have learned some, including many top Obama Administration officials, made multiple requests to unmask, or find out, who was involved in certain meetings and conversations with top Russian officials. At the center of the concern were conversations between General Michael Flynn who later became President Trump’s national security adviser and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

The Conservative activist group, Judicial Watch, has now filed alawsuit against The State Department to find out more about former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power’s part, with documents showing she made at least seven requests to unmask his identity.

In an interview, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, called the lawsuit an important step in learning more about the origins of the Russia Investigation.

“The question is, were they using our intelligence services to get around the domestic prohibitions on spying directory on political campaigns, namely the Trump campaign? “

He said the actions unfairly targeted Michael Flynn.

“They knew he was innocent. They knew he did nothing wrong and it looks like it goes straight into the oval office,” he said.

But in 2017, Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and multiple investigations that have followed have upheld the FBI’s actions as legal.

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