The Supreme Court Abortion Ruling & the FDA’s Organ Trafficking

“They [the abortion industry] are in Court… making an argument on behalf of someone they don’t represent,” Tom Fitton noted in last week’s Weekly Update.

According to Fitton, if you want to know why we have “abortion on demand throughout the whole 9 months of pregnancy,” look no further than the abortion law determined by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court’s recent ruling to overturn the Louisiana law requiring doctors to have admitting privileges to carry out abortions, cedes on critical legislation“designed to protect patients” and regulate the practice of abortions. In Fitton’s words:

“it’s curious as a matter of law how the abortion industry could go in and defend a right on behalf of a third party with which it might have an adversarial relationship. because it’s obviously in the interests of the abortion industry not to be regulated, which could be contrary to the interests of their patients, who want safer procedures.”

“No woman was making the argument here,” Fitton continues – highlighting how “Chief Justice Roberts is bend[ing] the law for political purposes.” In giving the abortion industry a “special veto power over any regulation of the industry,” it has been made apparent that “[abortionists] get special consideration from the courts,” Fitton continues. Ultimately, this decision carries “no jurisdiction.. the people making the case that this [the Louisiana law] can can be overturned have no right to.” 

Many will remember the recent Judicial Watch investigation into the FDA and the NIH which revealed the shocking government-mandated harvesting of human organs. Publishing the FDA’s receipts for the purchase of fetal organs, Judicial Watch uncovered that the agency demanded the organs be “fresh not frozen,” for use in macabre ‘humanized mice’ experiments. While “the law doesn’t allow selling these remains for profit,” the transactions were based on “harvesting life, beating hearts.” The documents continue with descriptions of “non viable products of conception,” which in Fitton’s words  translate to lives they “didn’t want to save.” In other words, these are babies who survive abortion and “are left to die.” 

“This is the abortion law created by our Supreme Court. It’s not moral, it’s not constitutional and its destroying humanity.” 

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