The Carsyn Leigh Davis Coronavirus Story

We really are at a point in America that you can no longer trust the mainstream media even the most basic reporting.
They will always put their personal spin on a story to sway your thinking.

Florida teenager Carsyn Leigh Davis died on June 23rd in Fort Myers, Florida from “complications from coronavirus.”
God rest her soul.

ABC News carried the story.

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The Tampa Bay Times also carried the story.

This is the latest example of the panic porn promoted by the liberal mainstream media.

What the media is hiding from the public in their headline is that Carsyn battled cancer and suffered from an auto-immune disease.

Do You Trust The Media’s Reporting On Coronavirus?

Her parents gave Carsyn hydroxychloroquine but the 17-year-old succombed to the disease anyway.

It’s not until you read into the reporting that you find out about Carsyn’s battle with disease.

The headlines were specifically written to make you feel that teens are at great risk. They’re not. The reports also are written to make you angry at her Christian parents. There’s likely more to the story. And the reports were written to make you believe hydroxychloroquine does not work on the coronavirus. It does.

This is how the liberal media works to shape opinion on a daily basis.
These people cannot be trusted.

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