Gun Safety Starts in the Home

At a time when the Second Amendment is under fire and huge political wars are being waged between supporters and the opposition, it’s up to responsible gun owners to take a stand and lead by example.

Why Gun Safety Matters

Gun safety matters for one very obvious reason: Life and death are at stake any time a finger touches a trigger. But that should go without saying. There’s another reason it matters – particularly in today’s context.

The voices against gun ownership are loud – particularly when something goes wrong. And with each mistake or accident that occurs with a gun, it adds fuel to their fire. It makes it easier for them to oppress constitutional rights and challenge the freedoms that Americans have spent centuries fighting for.

If we want to protect our rights as gun owners, the best thing we can do is remove the easy fodder – the low hanging fruit, if you will. And we do this by being religious in our safety. We, as individuals and as a collective group, show the world what it looks like to behave responsibly and to wield the power we have in a safe and appropriate manner.

That’s why gun safety matters. It’s about protecting the safety of our families and communities, while simultaneously retaining our right to bear arms and protect our freedom.

3 Tips for Better Firearm Safety in the Home

You can’t worry about what other people are doing. Gun safety starts with you and your family. Here are some ways you can practice better firearm safety within the four walls of your home:

  1. Be Smart About How You Acquire Guns

Responsible gun ownership starts at the point of purchase. Though there are lots of different ways to purchase a firearm, only some methods are legal. It’s important that you follow the rules. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it could actually protect you from unintended consequences down the road.

The first thing to know is that every state has its own unique laws, requirements, and processes. So make sure you research the ones that apply to you. The second thing to note is that you should have the gun registered when you purchase it. This attaches your name to the weapon so that there are no questions about who owns it (should a dispute ever arise).

Guns can be purchased via a variety of avenues and programs. You can buy them online, in certain stores, or even via a private sale. And depending on your status, you might be eligible for different programs. The Glock Blue Label Program, for example, allows law enforcement officers to purchase guns at a discounted price point.

  1. Secure Your Firearms When Not in Use

Whenever a gun is not in use – meaning it’s not on your person – it should be strategically secured to avoid inadvertent firing and other problems. Some common and effective storage options include:

  • Trigger locks, which are simple and affordable. They prevent the gun from being loaded or fired by anyone without a key.
  • Gun cases are excellent options. They’re inexpensive, easy to store, and allow you to hide the gun from anyone you don’t want to have access.
  • Gun safes are ideal for when you have lots of guns and want to protect it against additional threats like floods, fires, and natural disasters.

On a related note, you should never store a firearm with ammunition in the clip or chamber. Even with proper security, there’s a chance that someone could pick up the gun and not know it it’s loaded. If you want assurance that you’ll be able to fire it quickly in a home defense situation, you can keep the clip loaded and separate.

  1. Talk to Your Children

Children are never too young to learn about the importance of treating handguns and rifles. Make sure you’re having regular conversations with your children about gun safety. The more you normalize the safe use of guns, the more comfortable and responsible they’ll be around firearms when they reach an age where they can legally use them.

Change Starts in Your Home

It’s not always up to gun owners to be as loud as the opposition. Slinging insults and delivering passionate rebuttals might feel good in the moment, but they don’t always create lasting change. The best way to shift the dialogue is to practice smarter gun safety habits inside your house. In doing so, you’ll show others what it looks like to be a responsible gun owner.

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