GOOD NEWS! President Trump Urges Missouri Governor Parsons Not to Rename St. Louis (Video)

For over two weeks radical left activists in St. Louis have called for local officials to remove the historic St. Louis statue in Forest Park and to rename the city.

Then about ten days ago The Gateway Pundit called for a prayer rally at the statue of St. Louis in Forest Park.

This was in response to recent efforts by local radicals and Islamist activist Umar Lee to remove the St. Louis statue in Forest Park.

When we arrived for a prayer rally at the St. Louis statue in Forest Park we were met by a very violent, raucous, disrespectful mob of Black Lives Matter activists and leftist radicals.

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Let me just say this was one of the most frightening gatherings I’ve ever attended as a writer and conservative activist in 16 years.
We posted this video earlier following the rally and the violence that took place against Christians when we left the area.

After most of the Catholics and Christians left the area three Catholic men were viciously beaten by the far left group that remained at the statue.

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On Tuesday President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump met with state leaders, educators and businessmen to discuss reopening America’s schools in the fall.

During the conference Missouri Governor Parsons addressed the group.  Following his remarks President Trump asked him about renaming St. Louis.

President Trump:“You won’t be changing the name St. Louis will you?”

Governor Parsons: “No, we will not be doing that.”

Catholics are praying every night at the statue of St. Louis in Forest Park.

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