Former NBA Player Stephen Jackson Defends DeSean Jackson’s Anti-Semitic Hitler Remarks Against Jews

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson said he doesn’t hate Jews on Monday.

This came after DeSean posted  an anti-Semitic quote attributed to Adolf Hitler.

Is anybody buying that?

Here is what DeSean Jackson posted on Instagram over the holiday weekend.

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Jackson also praised Louis Farrakhan.

On Tuesday night former NBA player Stephen Jackson defended DeSean Jackson for posting Hitler’s remarks against Jews.

Stephen Jackson said DeSean Jackson was “speaking the truth” in his social media posts.

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson defended DeSean Jackson on Tuesday night, saying the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver was “speaking the truth” with his controversial social media posts, including an anti-Semitic message that he attributed to Adolf Hitler.

The Eagles called DeSean Jackson’s posts “offensive, harmful and absolutely appalling,” and the wide receiver later issued two separate statements of apology with “a promise to do better.”

“So I just read a statement that the Philadelphia Eagles posted regarding DeSean Jackson’s comments. He was trying to educate himself, educate people, and he’s speaking the truth. Right? He’s speaking the truth. You know he don’t hate nobody, but he’s speaking the truth of the facts that he knows and trying to educate others,” Stephen Jackson said in a video posted on Instagram.

“But y’all don’t want us to educate ourselves. If it’s talking about the Black race, y’all ain’t saying nothing about it. They killing us, police killing us and treating us like s—, racism at an all-time high, but ain’t none of you NFL owners spoke up on that, ain’t none of you teams spoke up on that. But the same team had a receiver [Riley Cooper] who said the word n—– publicly! They gave him an extension! I play for the Big3. We have a Jewish owner. He understands where we stand and some of the things we say, but it’s not directed to him. It’s the way we’ve been treated.”

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