Tom Fitton Explains Street-Painting Lawsuit Against DC Mayor, Says She’s ‘denying access to a public forum’

From Fox News:

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told Fox News’ “The Story” Friday that his organization filed a federal lawsuit against Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser after their request to paint an “apolitical” slogan on a Capitol Hill street was given “the run-around” for weeks.

Fitton told host Jon Scott he has sought to paint the non-profit group’s motto “No One Is Above The Law” on a street near its office and claimed Bowser’s reticence appears to be because she disagrees with the message.

“That’s not proper under the Constitution,” he said. “Remember, the city painted ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the city also allowed to be painted, ‘Defund the Police’. It’s hard to argue that that can take place, yet a request like we are making can’t.

“When you start denying access to a public forum — now, which the streets are according to the mayor’s own actions — you’re running up against the First Amendment. That’s why we’re in federal court.”

Fitton said his organization gave the District every opportunity to allow them access to the asphalt, including offering to pay for the slogan painting themselves but had no luck.

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