Fingers Malloy On the ‘Eat, Drink, Smoke with Tony Katz’ Podcast Hitting the Big Time

While I will always be looking for new guests to have on the podcast, I also like the idea of some of my friends being repeat regulars. Fingers Malloy joins me again for episode 48 to tell us about a podcast that he does with our good friend Tony Katz that’s called “Eat, Drink, Smoke with Tony Katz.” It’s a very entertaining podcast for people who like cigars, food, booze, and good topical banter. It has hit the big time, and Fingers shares that news with us here.

We also discuss the changing nature of the entertainment landscape. We’re both fans of the opportunities to create entertaining content that seem to be multiplying daily. It’s different for conservatives, of course, because we are always in danger of being randomly de-platformed by the YouTubes of the world. The good news is that the myriad ways to provide content in the 21st century make it impossible for them to shut us up completely.

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