Tucker Carlson Interviews St. Louis Man Who Defended His Home From BLM Mob, Here’s What He Said

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Tucker Carlson interviewed Mark McCloskey tonight on his top rated program. In the segment, McCloskey was able to give his side of the story and share what he was feeling as an angry mob broke into his neighborhood and appeared just feet from his house. He’s now facing potential “assault” charges for “intimidating” the group that the local DA describes as protesters.

Before McCloskey came on though, Carlson laid out exactly who that DA is. You’ll be less than shocked to learn that she’s another product of George Soros’ recent campaign to install far-left, anti-law and order DAs across the country. The billionaire poured millions into local races and it has reaped wins across bluer urban centers. As Carlson notes, only 23% of the criminal cases sent to this DA by the St. Louis Police Department were ultimately charged and pursued. Just as we’ve seen from prosecutors in New York, Chicago, and elsewhere, this DA sees herself as a social justice warrior and any attempts to critique her abandonment of her duty results in charges of racism.

McCloskey was asked what was going through his mind as the mob came marching toward his house.

McCloskey’s fears are not unfounded. We’ve already seen multiple people murdered at these “protests,” and we’ve certainly seen more property damage than can be kept up with at this point. Private property has been looted and burned to the ground en masse in multiple cities over the last month. The idea that McCloskey could be certain he was safe in that moment doesn’t begin to pass muster.

Further, McCloskey notes that he had no expectation that the police would respond if things did get out of hand. That’s a perfectly reasonable assumption on his part. As I shared some days ago, there was a woman in Fredericksburg, VA who had her car surrounded by a mob. Trapped, she called the police only to be told they couldn’t do anything because it was a “sanctioned” event. The police are not allowed to go break up these protests by these left-wing mayors. You can call all you want and they are likely not going to respond.

The irony in this is that while the DA is threatening McCloskey for “intimidating” the mob, it was actually the mob that did the intimidating here. They are the ones who broke down a gate and entered private property. They are the ones who yelled death threats. Yet, they are treated as innocent victims while a man who defended his home, without leaving his property mind you, is demonized by the national press and threatened with jail time. This country has lost it’s mind, or at least large portions of it have.

In the end, I suspect there won’t be charges because they’d be so ludicrous on their face, but we’ll see how this develops.



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