Conservative Reporter Savanah Hernandez Attacked By Black Lives Matter Activist for ‘Police Lives Matter’ Sign

Conservative reporter and Infowars producer Savanah Hernandez was physically assaulted by an unhinged Black Lives Matter protester for holding a “Police Lives Matter” sign nearby their protest.

Amazingly, a few members of the protest came to Hernandez’ defense, despite not agreeing with her message.

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“Went to express my first amendment right and was immediately attacked. These were two people at tonight’s BLM rally who kept me safe from repeated attacks. I appreciate those who do not share my views/opinions standing up for my first amendment right. Thank you,” Hernandez tweeted along with a photo of those who defended her.

Hernandez also noted that “at the Trump rally I covered, counter protesters stood all day with signs calling Trump supporters ‘KKK members’ and ‘racists’. No one laid a finger on them. Doesn’t hold true when counter-protesting the side that preaches ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusivity.’”

Hernandez is a bold and rising star in right-wing politics. You can keep up with her reporting on YouTube and Twitter.

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