Orlando City Blows $20k For BLM Street Mural

The City of Orlando has announced that it will shut down on of the busiest roadways in Downtown Orlando to paint a BLACK LIVES MATTER mural on the street. Worse yet, Orlando taxpayers are on the hook for the total cost of the mural, which will cost a minimum of $22,000 and could cost considerably more if the city opts to maintain and refurbish it for the indefinite future. It will come out of the transportation fund for the city, according to Local 6 News.

$22,000 for a BLM street mural seems hardly the top priority for the City of Orlando, as rental assistance programs have run bone dry and Orlandoans are struggling to survive thanks to the Chinese flu pandemic. Known for it’s large homeless population, many are wondering why those funds would have been better spent helping those poor souls get shelter in the sweltering summer heat.

According to public records obtained by this GP reporter, the series of early June protests organized in Downtown Orlando did not pay permit, park rental, road closure, police costs for their demonstrations. This is a departure from regular policy for the City of Orlando, known for its stingy and petty permitting process. Just last year, this GP reporter was trespassed from Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando for using an amplified sound device (megaphone) without having obtained the proper permit and without paying the $20 permitting fee.

Shockingly, BLM was allowed to occupy and trash this same park in early June. Amplified sound devices were used aggressively. Park officials did nothing. Police did nothing. The City of Orlando required nothing. However, documents stemming from our records request show that not only did the BLM get special treatment from the City of Orlando, they violated their agreement with the Orlando Police Department at three of their early June marches. Guidelines included staying at the location provided by organizers and not marching to any secondary locations, a rule they violated as they shut down the interstate and nearly all of Downtown Orlando. The mob even drove to the nearby Mall at Millenia shopping center to burn down an Asian restaurant and Krispy Kreme to “tackle white supremacy.”

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On the next two early June BLM mob takeovers of Downtown Orlando, they continued to violate the rules.  They solicited donations and sold merchandise, two more violations of the rules set forth by Orlando Police Department and agreed to by BLM organizers.

Considering these flagrant violations and special treatment showered upon the BLM, the City of Orlando should have never decided to spend money on this street mural, as it rewards rioting, arson, mob violence. What will the City of Orlando do next… allow them to set up a crime ridden autonomous zone like Antifa and BLM rioters have done in Seattle?

Seems like Orlando is moving that way. Unreal!

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