Michigan Woman Urges Voters Not to Vote for Her Republican Father

This is the type of nightmare we used to read about in Soviet Russia.

Michigan teen Stephanie Regan, the daughter of Republican candidate Robert Regan urged voters NOT to vote for her father in the upcoming election.

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Steph is upset that her father does not agree with her on systemic racism, the existence of white privilege and Black Lives Matter.

The Hill reported:

Regan addressed his daughter’s tweets in a lengthy statement posted to Facebook on Thursday afternoon, saying in part, “I am happy that she feels confident enough in our relationship to express her opposing thoughts so publicly” while encouraging her and others to voice their own opinions.

The candidate told The Hill on Thursday when reached for comment that he was not completely surprised by his daughter’s words given their disagreements over issues like systemic racism, the existence of white privilege and Black Lives Matter.

“A lot of students when they go off to these liberal university campuses, like the University of Colorado, the University of Texas and Austin — and she went to the University of Colorado in Boulder — and you know, they just kind of get sucked into this Marxist, communist ideology and she and I just don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the whole socialism, communism, Marxist philosophy,” he said.

When asked what he thinks could have prompted his daughter to ask people not to vote for him, Regan said “her big thing has to do with the systemic racism that’s going on in the country.”

How tragic.
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