Mob Brutally Attacks Man With Fireworks on City Street (Video)

Videos posted online show a gang of young black men brutally attacking a young white man in Baltimore with fireworks. The videos show the mob attacking a car with fireworks as a bald white man approaches and opens the driver door of a car parked in front of rowhouses. At that moment a shirtless young man bolts out of the backseat of the car and is set upon by several men who surround him and repeatedly fire fireworks at his face and naked torso as he tries to flee. One man hits the victim over the head with a trashcan and then later shoves the trashcan over the victim’s head. The bald white man retreated without trying help the young man he was traveling with.

One video was posted by a Maryland law firm, Turnbull Brockmeyer Law Group, who stated the attack took place on June 23 in Baltimore City: “Baltimore City, Maryland, June 23, 2020. Unknown what happened prior or after.Cities being inundated with Roman Candles. How? Why?”

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A second video from a closer perspective shows the man was attacked even though he appears to have been wearing a coronavirus mask:

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