The Supreme Court’s Politicized DACA Ruling

Chief Justice Roberts essentially said that the DACA program that president Obama illicitly implemented could not be undone by President Trump, Fitton reiterated in last week’s Weekly Update. 

In other words, the Supreme Court’s ruling states that “President Trump tried to illegally remove an illegal move by Obama. Once again, Alice in Wonderland decision making by the SCOTUS” – Fitton states. Last week’s DACA ruling was, in his words, “an absurd analysis” – one which highlights”the current state of the modern left judiciary.” What’s more, “in [once again] undermining the constitution,” the Supreme Court “interfered with Trump’s duty and his absolute right to rescind DACA… an unlawful amnesty program.”

In Fitton’s words, it’s a classic case of a politicized “thumb on the scales” – a state of affairs which exposes the unconstitutional political decision-making of the judiciary. Siding with the “4 liberal liberals on the court” – “Chief justice Roberts broke his promise.” He’s not an “honest ‘umpire’,” as he characterized himself during his nomination process under President George W. Bush. 

In response, the President smartly tweeted, in Fitton’s words that “this [precedent] provides extraordinary power to the President -in so much as any policy could be put into place and the following president couldn’t undo it easily – regardless of whether it was legal.” 

“Of course, we all know that’s not how this works,” Fitton continues. “This is an anti-Trump decision on top of being a political decision.” Fitton reminds his viewers that this is not the first instance of Chief Justice Roberts “changing the rules when it comes to Donald Trump,” citing his previous decision on the Census citizenship question earlier last year.

As per the DACA program, “it’s full blown amnesty,” Fitton affirms. Central to the DACA program is the extension of amnesty for hundreds of thousands (700,000) of illegal aliens. Fitton specifies that DACA provides “amnesty for individuals who came here illegally with their parents before a certain age – many of whom are in the their 20s and 30 and too many of whom have been arrested for serious crime.” On top of that, prior Judicial Watch investigations revealed how the Obama Administration directed the program’s “background checks” to be “lean and light.” In other words, “they weren’t doing real background checks,” Fitton states. 

“Only in this day and age with the President trying to reestablish the rule of law, do you have the court interfere. Again, Alice in Wonderland.”

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