Big Tech Censorship & Potential Anti-Trust Law Violations

“A lot of these big tech censorship operations are directed and targeted at president Trump and conservative organizations like Judicial Watch on the insistence of government officials who benefit from the censorship,” Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update on censorship. 

Many Americans may believe that censorship on the part of private companies is “not really censorship,” at least not in the traditional sense. However, as Fitton notes “this isn’t legally true, and practically speaking isn’t true.” As you might recall from the censorship of the alleged whistleblower’s name, “they [big tech social media platforms] bought into arguments by corrupt government officials like Adam Schiff that the name should not be public.” Ironically, Facebook is being challenged by the Left for not regulating speech enough, according to Fitton. 

Today, “fact-checking” is being used by the Left to “suppress information they don’t like.” Most recently, “NBC actively pressured Google to demonetize The Federalist, a direct competitor of NBC. If you follow the Federalist, you’d see that they’re journalists focused on exposing corruption.” Whether NBC’s activity in attempting “to destroy its competitor” is legally permissible under Anti-Trust law is questionable, in Fitton’s words. Ultimately, however, “we think it’s always philosophy, but maybe it’s just money.” 

Reacting to mounting pressure to “censor everything,” Facebook has created a “supposedly independent censorship board,” Fitton notes. However, as Fitton states,

“Guess who has significant ties to most of the members on the board? George Soros, the left-wing billionaire who has a radical agenda. He’s a pretty influential character with this board.” 

“How do you think Judicial Watch is going to do with that board, how do you think the president will do with that board? How do you think you’ll do with that board?,” Fitton continues. As a Judicial Watch Corruption Chronicles article notes, “the censorship board is stacked with Leftists,” – specifically a group of Soros “acolytes” who have worked in or in close collaboration with the left-wing billionaire’s Open Society Foundation. Among the standouts is Andrew Sajó, the founding Dean of Legal Studies at Soros’ Central European University. Sajó was one of the ECHR judges in an Italian case (Latusi v. Italy) that ruled unanimously that the display of a crucifix in public schools in Italy violates the European Convention on Human Rights. 

“I could go on and on with the names of these radical leftists, many of whom aren’t even Americans, trying to figure out how the First Amendment applies here in the US,” Fitton continues. Thankfully, in Fitton’s view, the Administration is “considering undoing the liability protections that these big tech companies have.” After all, “they’ll pretend to believe in debates so that they can win, but if the debate gets in the way, they’ll skip it.

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