Democrats aren’t quite ignoring the Green Party this year

The Democratic Party appears more worried about the Green Party. Sort of.

Longtime Green Party activist Howie Hawkins is likely their nominee for this fall’s election after grabbing another primary win this past weekend. The socialist pitched his platform to disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters in April deriding Democrat Joe Biden as a “Neoliberal Hawk” and President Donald Trump as a “racist incompetent” (let’s not forgot the Midwest union members who had Trump as their second pick behind Sanders in 2016.).

“To settle for Biden as the lesser evil is to join the opposition of the corporate establishment to Medicare for All, a full-strength Green New Deal, and an Economic Bill of Rights to end poverty and economic despair,” Hawkins pleaded to Sanders fans. “We are running out of time on the pandemic, climate, nuclear arms, and deadly poverty and economic despair. Real solutions can’t wait. Let’s continue to fight [for] socialist solutions through the November election and beyond. Keep the revolution alive. We are fighting for our future.”

At least Hawkins is honest about a desire for socialism.

Sanders, despite his claims of independence, remains a Democrat Party loyalist having endorsed Biden for the White House. Several former staffers are attempting to bring in more Sanders supporters towards Biden’s candidacy with a Super PAC. Proving there is concern regarding Hawkins’ and the Green Party despite assurances from PAC organizers of the opposite.

“I think there’s less of a concern than there was in 2016,” Jeff Weaver told POLITICO while suggesting people voted third-party because they believed Hillary Clinton would win despite also noting Trump might win. “We know Trump can win…I think the Biden campaign has done a much better job of reaching out to the progressive wing of the party and to progressives outside the party in order to bring them in.”

Clinton’s former campaign manager painted a slightly different picture for POLITICO, suggesting more of a push for third-party voters was needed.

“Biden is not over 50% in the battleground states and often his lead is in the margin of error. Anything could happen in the next five months,” said Robby Mook. “What matters most is reminding people that Trump could win.”

Ah yes, the old “protect the duopoly at all costs” strategy by blaming third party voters for picking principle over major party. This notion the major parties need to pick good candidates or at least competent ones without a long history of horrendous policies matters not when dealing with the so-called “most important election of our time.” To quote John Stossel, “Give me a break.” Jill Stein didn’t cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton cost herself the 2016 election because she was a rotten candidate (Ed noted this in his own piece on the POLITICO article)!

Voters owe zero fealty to any political party or candidate due to the label at the end of their name. Candidates and parties must prove their worth to voters. It’s not the other way around despite the claims from party bosses, advocates, and candidates. The hubris from both parties is mind-boggling and why the duopoly needs tearing down before any other statue.

It is understandable why Americans remain in this cycle of picking one major party over the other. They’ve been taught that way. The so-called lesser of two evils. It’s why Republicans and Democrats told 2016 voters, “You must vote for us because we’re not “Trump/Clinton.” It’s why Democrats are telling likely non-Trump voters to go for Biden this year because he’s “not Trump.” This strategy works despite its foolhardiness because of tradition and only tradition.

It’s time to get rid of this nonsense. Democrats may be slightly paying more attention to the Green Party but there’s no guarantee Biden’s voting history or VP will bring them in line simply because he’s “not Trump.” It’s on Biden’s head if he fails to win 2020, not Howie Hawkins or Dr. Jo Jorgensen of the Libertarian Party or other third parties. It’s on Trump’s head if he fails to win re-election, not third parties. This is as it should be!

You want to win an election, and you’re in a major party? Put up a good candidate! Also, stop rigging the system to make sure your candidates are the only ones on the debate stage. But that’s an argument for another column.

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