MASSIVE TRUMP CROWDS Inside and Outside Tulsa BOK Center — 6.7 Million Online Viewers!

The liberal mainstream media can’t get their talking points straight.
They want to condemn President Trump for holding such a large rally during the coronavirus pandemic.
They also want to lie to Americans that it was a failure and no one showed up.

It must be very difficult being the fake news media these days.

Last night President Trump held his first campaign rally since the coronavirus lockdown in early March.

Over one million people signed up to attend the event.

The media said it was failure and no one came.
It was as if they were reporting on a Joe Biden rally!

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THOUSANDS of Trump supporters came early to attend the historic rally in Tulsa.

THOUSANDS were inside the BOK Center despite Black Lives Matter goons blocking the entrance.

And THOUSANDS more were outside the arena.

And what must scare the devil out of Democrats is the number of online viewers!
6.7 million were watching President Trump’s rally online last night!

Via Politick Rick.

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