U.S. Marshal Shot Near Courthouse, LV Officer Shot Near Circus Circus Casino

A possible SNIPER is on the loose in Las Vegas, as a US Marshal and a Las Vegas Metro Police officer have been killed, possibly at two different location. SWAT team has been called in to the Circus Circus hotel and casino.

This is a developing story and information is still coming in.

Check out these videos, where you can hear a hail of gun fire erupting:

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KLAS Channel 8 reports:

Information continues to pour in about two shootings Metro Police are working. Metro sources tell 8 News Now one of their officers was shot in the head at Circus Circus.

At the Federal Courthouse, an officer-involved shooting occurred when officers fired on a suspect who fired a shot at the courthouse. The suspect was hit several times. There is no word on his condition.

Initially, 8 News Nowโ€™s Metro sources relayed a US Marshal had died after being shot in the head in front of the Federal Courthouse.

FOX 5 reports:

Las Vegas police said they are investigating two officer-involved shootingsย on Las Vegas Boulevard overnight Monday.

Just before midnight on June 1, police taped off areas near Circus Circus and another downtown by the federal courthouse.

In an email, police said they were on scene of an officer-involved shooting near the 300 block of Las Vegas Boulevard South, near Bridger Avenue.

An officer was shot on the 2800 block of Las Vegas Boulevard South, near Circus Circus, police said.

Las Vegas police and other agencies were also heavily in the area of University Medical Center.

At one point the hotel was looted:

This comes as a shootout was also reported in St. Louis.

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