CA Gov. Newsom’s Vote-by-Mail Lawlessness

When you send ballots to people who moved away and shouldn’t be there, that’s when you get voter fraud,” Tom Fitton states in last week’s Weekly Update. 

The latest from the California Governor’s “thumb on the scales” mail-in vote mandate  is nothing short of “illegal policy change” – Fitton declares. “Contrary to California law and the Constitution, Gov. Newsom has decided on his own to require all California counties to send ballots to all registered voters.” That practically translates to “flooding the system with 20 million ballots”  in Fitton’s words – a number which reflects the degree of inactive registrations in the state. 

If you’re concerned about the CA Governor’s mandate, and the potential for election fraud, look no further than the CA voter registration data which Judicial Watch has already investigated and published. Remember that just last year, “LA County settled with Judicial Watch to remove up to 1.6 million names.” as a part of Judicial Watch’s efforts to clean up the voter rolls. Of that 1.6 million, there were 640,000 “extra names” – “names above and beyond the population eligible to vote.” These statistics led to the 110% registration rates in LA County, a blatant “indication that voting rolls in California are dirty” Fitton confirms. 

With regards to the Governor’s mandate, “people both from the left and the right are concerned that these last minute changes to the system are going to cause chaos on election day.” An understandable reaction in Fitton’s words, “because when you vote in person, not only are you protected in the confidentiality of your vote… but it’s the best way to have your vote count.” Nonetheless, “the left is trying to introduce this chaos by flooding our systems with mail-in ballots.”

Judicial Watch is fighting to end this “illegal scheme” on the behalf of millions of concerned voters. “The irony is that the mail-in ballots may not be valid in the end, and that’s why it needs to be stopped” Donate Today to support clean elections in California and across the United States.

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