“The Progressive Movement is Based on Hypocrisy…The Left Has Learned Nothing” (Video)

Victor Davis Hanson was interviewed on Steel on Steel, with John Loeffler, and he brilliantly discussed the reasons President Trump won the last election, and why he may win again, in 2020.  The Democrats are totally oblivious to what is going on; and, this is before the riots their supporters launched around the country.

The title of the interview between Victor Davis Hanson and John Loeffler was “How the Left is Handing Trump his re-election”.  Hanson was brilliant again in this 20 minute interview, but there were a couple of sections that can be pointed out.

The first notable comments from Hanson, among many, were at the 11:00 minute mark, in the audio below, when he talks about Never-Trumpers:

To think that with a Hillary Clinton Presidency all of this progressive ticket that we now see from reparations, to infanticide, to wealth tax, there would have been enormous pressure on her and she probably would have welcomed any of it willingly.  And that is such a contrast between where we are now and yet how people their whole life had said they were conservative and now they have doubled down on opposing Trump now I don’t understand.  I can understand their motive but I can’t understand their lack of character that would allow them to go through with it.

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The entire interview was so good, but another section of note is towards the end when Hanson talks about the elites:

And Trump was very good about the hypocrisy.  He really resonates when he says Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want you to have a wall on your border but all of his houses have huge walls.  Barbara Streisand has a wall.  They all have walls.

Or when Trump will say they don’t want charter schools.  They love teachers’ unions but their kids are all in prep school.  That’s a very effective kind of thought because it really shows you the progressive movement is based on hypocrisy.  The idea that a small elite will be exempt from the consequences of their own ideology, so did the old Soviet apparatchiks.

And that’s what’s scary is that here in California especially, when we look at all these crazy policies, and then when we see the people who are advocating for them, and then we see how they live, and they live like French monarchs, in these gated communities and they have Mercedeses and BMWs and their kids are all in prep school and they’re lecturing us on – you gotta pay more for gas and to save the planet.  You gotta get solar panels and build high speed rails.  You can’t have reservoirs no more and water transport and yet they don’t live that way.

Then Hanson ends his discussion with this:

I think in 2020 the Left has learned nothing and forgotten nothing.  Trump is not running in a vacuum.  He’ll have a candidate that I think will be hampered with an agenda that makes Hillary Clinton look conservative.  He (Trump) has a record.  He didn’t have a record in 2016.  He’s polling right where Clinton and Obama did and he did better than both of those during the mid-term.  So I think the left has no idea what’s coming but there’s a good chance he can be re-elected.

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