Just One More Thing Obama Lied About

By Wayne Allyn Root

I’m not going to say, “At least one positive thing came out of this Coronavirus pandemic.” Because there’s nothing positive to say about a tragic, deadly, health crisis and economic catastrophe like this. There is no “bright side.”

But we did learn something important. Obama lied. Again.

Obama was the biggest liar in the history of the U.S. presidency. First, he lied about transparency. His administration was the most corrupt and secretive in history. See Hillary’s 30,000 deleted emails. See Anthony Weiner’s laptop. See the FISA warrant to spy on Trump and his aides. And of course, it’s clear Obama coordinated and approved the entire FBI/DOJ criminal coup against Trump.

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See Joe Biden and his son Hunter robbing taxpayers blind in Ukraine and China. See the $140 million bribe (I mean “donation”) from Russians to the Clinton Foundation, when Hillary was Secretary of State, for handing a large portion of America’s uranium stock to Russia.

Obama lied through his teeth about the IRS scandal. It wasn’t some small mistake out of a small IRS office in Cincinnati- as Obama claimed. It was a White House-coordinated attempt to destroy the lives of Obama’s critics. I should know, I was one of the victims.

Obama lied about Obamacare. Read his lips. He said, “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.” That was the biggest lie ever told in the history of politics. At the moment he told that lie, he was in possession of internal documents that projected over 90 million Americans would lose their insurance. He also said the cost of health insurance would go down dramatically. Instead, it went up dramatically. In the private sector, a CEO would go to prison for life for a trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme based on lies and fraud like that. Ask Bernie Madoff.

But Obama’s biggest lie of all…and biggest insult to the American people…was just now proven false by Covid-19.

Obama famously said to business owners, “YOU DIDN’T BUILT THAT.” Obama believes that business owners (like me) owe our success to government. That it’s the government who pays for things that allow us to be successful- airports, highways, schools, hospitals, the court and prison system, the welfare system, police, fire, garbage, etc. He believes government built all of that- and businessmen owe a debt of gratitude to government.

But none of that is true. Covid-19 just proved it. It’s the exact opposite. “WE DID BUILD THAT.”

It’s the risk-taking, spending, hiring, and paying of taxes by business owners and taxpayers that pays for all the things government does. Without us, government has no money to build anything. Without our taxes, government has no money for welfare, or food stamps, or schools, or hospitals, or highways, or prisons, or airports. Without us, there is no money for police, or fire, or garbage pickup. Without us, there is no money to pay the military. Without us, government literally ceases to exist.

“WE DID BUILT THAT” after all. It’s actually Obama who built nothing. All the politicians built nothing. They’re all full of hot air. They’re the “non-essential” ones. They’ve got nothing without OPM (other people’s money). Our money.

When we stop paying taxes, government is as broke as a toothless, homeless bum.

How do I know? Covid-19 just proved it. Ignorant fool Democrat politicians just like Obama just shut down the US economy for almost three months. With businesses shuttered, all forms of tax money just dried up. There was no more income taxes, business taxes, property taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, nothing.

So, all the states and cities (especially the deep blue Democrat ones) are broke and begging for a bailout to survive. Close our businesses down for three lousy months and everything goes to hell. Taxpayers matter. Government doesn’t.

Ironically, deep blue Democrat cities and states, led by liberal mayors and Governors who want to keep the economy closed forever, are the most destitute and desperate. Without taxes for three lousy months they are as broke and desperate as a crack-addicted hooker who just lost her drug dealer.

Obama is proven a liar again. It turns out he didn’t build anything. Businessmen and women in the private sector economy build everything and pay for everything government does.

Without us…You’re nothing. We pay your bills. We pay your salaries. We pay your pensions. We pay for your fancy government buildings and fancy statues. That’s our money at work.

Hey Obama (and every other DC Swamp politician in America), I have a question for you…

Who’s your daddy now?

Yes sir, “WE DID BUILD THAT.” Covid-19 just proved it.

Wayne Allyn Root is the host of the nationally-syndicated radio show, “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network from 6 PM to 9 PM EST M-F. Listen live at http://usaradio.com/wayne-allyn-root/

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