Man Holding American Flag Sucker-Punched, Beaten In Portland

As the protest-turned-riot began last night in Portland, an older gentleman decided to stop on by while holding a large American flag.

Bad idea!

The protesters confronted him, one terrorist cold cocked him straight up. The dude fell to the ground as another terrorist tried to steal his flag, then a few others jumped in the fray and started kicking and punching the guy as he laid on the ground.

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This happened literally two blocks away from Portland police headquarters, and nary a uniformed officer to be seen.

To be fair, several people jumped in to pull the terrorists off of the victim.

Note the medical cross on the assaulter’s hat, signifying that he is one the protest’s medics.

All the while another protester flying the Mexican flag wasn’t harmed at all.

That’s right, you get assaulted for carrying the American flag in America, but you’re welcomed with open arms if you carry the flag of Mexico.

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