Reporter Kaitlin Rust Shot With Pepper Bullets by Louisville Police Live on Air (Video)

Kaitlin Rust, a reporter for WAVE-TV in Louisville, Kentucky was shot with pepper bullets by a police office live on air who then also fired several rounds at her cameraman. The TV news crew was behind the lines of the police as they faced off against protesters Friday night. As Rust and her cameraman approached from the back of the line an officer walking toward them raised a pepper ball rifle and fired on Rust who scream she’d been shot, but calmed down when she realized it was pepper bullets. As she explained to the anchor what was happening, the officer aimed and fired several pepper ball rounds at the cameramen.


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Different recording that went viral with over four million views:

Earlier in the evening Rust filmed the protest and an arson fire set by protesters:

WAVE-TV also reported one of their news cars was vandalized by protesters.

The Louisville protests are mainly about the police killing of Breonna Taylor, a woman shot to death in her home by police executing a no-knock warrant for drugs back in March.

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