Protesters Torch Police Van as New York Police Precinct Sends Out SOS

A large group of protesters in the New York City borough of Brooklyn marched on the 88th Precinct Friday night, torching a police van and prompting a reported SOS call by the precinct commander with an unconfirmed report the precinct was ‘overrun’.

“Happening Now Brooklyn, NY — The CO of the 88 precinct called a “10-13 for all Available units” at the Precinct, stating “the crowd is very violent use extreme caution” triage being set up for injured Cops in the 88 muster room (update via @odonnell_r)”

It started out with a tactical retreat:

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Then vandalism and arson:

Photos of the damage:

An effort to flip:

Reports of the precinct being overrun turned out to be inaccurate, but it appears reinforcements showed up. At least one other police vehicle was vandalized.

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