Wendy’s Torched, Totally Destroyed by Looters in George Floyd Minneapolis Riots

Looters set fire to and destroyed a Wendy’s in Minneapolis overnight Thursday during the riots protesting the police killing of George Floyd during an arrest for “forgery in progress” on Monday.

Screen image.

Photos and video show the process, from the initial window smashing and spray-painting, to the flames and then the resulting total destruction.

The beginning:

TRENDING: Attempted Looter Shot Dead by Pawn Shop Owner in Minneapolis — Looters Later Clean Out the Merchandise at Same Pawn Shop (VIDEO)

Up in flames along with other businesses and buildings:

Someone took their car through the drive-thru while the Wendy’s was on fire:

Early in the morning, still smoldering:

Aftermath shows tagging by Antifa communists:

Apparently the rioters got a head start on Wendy’s national roast day promotion.

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