Big News! President Trump to Sign Executive Order on “Social Media” Thursday Morning

On Tuesday night Twitter censored President Trump’s tweet on mail-in voting.
Twitter has been silencing conservative voices and conservative publishers since President Trump won the election in2016.

Democrats and their allied in Big Tech know conservatives were able to freely communicate before the 2016 election and get around the lies of the mainstream media.
So Democrats put together a plan to silence conservative voices.

Today conservatives are regularly blocked, banned and censored by the far left elites at Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and others.

Last night Twitter censored President Trump’s tweet.

Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity is a hateful leftist who said the Trump team put nazis in the White House.

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President Trump responded to the assault on Wednesday.

And on Wednesday night the Trump White House announced the president will sign an executive order on “social media” on Thursday morning.


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