Allen West Sheds Tears of Gratitude for Prayerful Americans after Memorial Day Weekend Motorcycle Accident — Listen

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FILE – In this July 30, 2011 file photo, Rep. Allen West, R-Fla. talks on Capitol Hill in Washington. House Democrats have reserved more than $32 million in ad time in districts across the country, giving an early sketch of the race for control of the House. Broadly, the ad reservations show that House Democrats will try to regain control of the chamber in many of the same states President Barack Obama must win to get re-elected in November. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Americans collectively held their breaths over the Memorial Day weekend, when news broke that former Florida congressman Allen West had been involved in a serious motorcycle accident.

But Lt. Col. West managed to pop in for an exclusive, first interview after the accident, on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show Tuesday morning.

He said that, while coming home from a rally in support of re-opening the state of Texas on I-40, a car clipped him motorcycle. The chain of events from there are unclear, but either the car or another motorcycle crashed into him, causing him to be thrown from his bike.

West said he felt lucky to be alive, while sharing his injuries: “Thank God I didn’t get run over by, you know, another car or anything like that. But, pretty scraped up. I’ve got bandages on both arms and lost a lot of skin there. Lost skin on my face. Dislocated my shoulder and maybe have a slight fracture. And I’ve got a couple bad lacerations in my right palm and across my left knee.”

One of the moments that truly hit him was learning that the president and Americans across the county were keeping him in theit prayers.

He explained: “I’ll tell you, when you’re sitting there in the hospital and it was Sunday and my wife Angela’s there and she tells me that President Trump just tweeted best wishes and you just break out crying.With a noticable crack in his voice, he continued, “It’s hard to hold back the tears, when you think about all the people who were praying for me.”

On the political front, West had sought the chair position of the Texas Republican Party, but the current chair, James Dickey, was re-elected just under two weeks ago at the 2020 state convention, as the Dallas Morning News reported.

As a parting shot, West referred to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president Joe Biden, whose comments about black voters overtook the narrative during the holiday weekend.

He said, “Tell Joe Biden I’m black!” And when Kilmeade chimed in that he wouldn’t be voting for him.

From West came a flat, “No.”

Proof that Lt. Col. West was itching to let folks know how grateful he was for their prayers: a video he posted on social media just hours after he was released from the hospital on Monday:

You can listen to the full interview on the player below:

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