Steve Bannon on China’s War with the West and President Trump’s Response

Live from Hong Kong

Former White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, addressed questions in a recent article for Hong Kong’s “The Wire: China”.  Below are some excerpts from this article.

Steve Bannon was interviewed at the Wire in Hong Kong and he provided some important messages in this excellent interview.  Here are some important take aways:

p. 7 – We are in a war:

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The single most important thing is that it has clarified things. It’s made things crystal clear. We’re in a war with the Chinese Communist Party. That’s what we’re talking about. It’s not China as an entity; and it’s certainly not the Chinese people. In fact, they are the biggest victims. This is the Chinese Communist Party, with their callousness, their deceitfulness, their inhumanity, and their disregard for any values. This has come to the forefront. That’s what this pandemic has done. It has exposed to the world exactly who they are, what they are, what they will do and what means they will use to get to the ends they want. They obviously want to become the world’s hegemonic power, under their totalitarian rule. The other things it has exposed is who are their useful idiots, fellow travelers and running dogs.

pp. 7-8 – China’s Communist Party is to blame:

And except for Peter Navarro [an assistant to President Trump, and director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy], and Tom Cotton, on Maria Bartiromo’s [Fox] show, China never came up on the rest of the Sunday shows, or virtually never came up. When you look at the mainstream media, it [China] is not part of the immediate conversation. And to me, that’s just unacceptable. What we have here is a global pandemic. We’re in the early stages of it. It’s already triggered an economic crisis, both demand destruction and also destruction of the supply chain and the supply side. This is an economic crisis of both demand and supply, which the world has never had at the same time. It has triggered a massive financial crisis. What happened in 2008 pales in comparison. The United States right now has put in between $9 trillion and $10 trillion of fiscal payments on the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve. And it’s on such a massive scale that people are having a tough time getting their heads around it. And all this could have been avoided if the Chinese Communist Party had a modicum of decency and a modicum of respect for their own people, for the Chinese people.

p. 9 – On China’s actions related to the coronavirus:

Their acts of commission, their acts of shutting down travel inside of China while allowing unsuspecting Chinese to fly throughout the world and spread the disease. They went from a net exporter to a net importer of personal protective equipment (PPE), knowing full well that PPE would be the deciding factor for the first line heroes, the first responders, doctors and nurses in the ICUs. They understood that the rest of the world could not even test without PPE. They were vacuuming up PPE in Europe, vacuuming up the United States, and they were vacuuming up Australia and Brazil.

This is equivalent to premeditated murder. And that’s why this has to be adjudicated at some point in time. They have to be held accountable because of the cold-blooded nature of this.

p. 13 – The regime in China is like a gangster operation:

The chain of title of their cover up, the conspiracy to cover it up, and what the outcomes were is absolutely damning. This is the equivalent to Chernobyl. And that’s why I call it the “Biological Chernobyl,” because it’s the same type of approach. [New Yorker magazine editor] David Remnick’s great book Lenin’s Tomb shows you the paranoia that goes through these types of gangster operations. This is what happens when
a regime starts to come under massive external and internal pressure. That’s exactly what you have in Beijing right now. Every decision they make shows their incompetence plus, they’re wanting to cover this up from the world. And so that is damning.

The rest of the article is excellent as Steve Bannon shares what he has been saying for some time.  China is at war with the US.

It’s time for America to wake up and see that China has been at war with the West for some time now.  Their strategy is to win the information and economic war, and stay away from the kinetic war, for now. 

They should be dealt with and not ignored as the prior Administrations have done.

President Trump is the man who can do it.

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