How Political Betting Has Changed in a Decade

Go back a decade and while there were many people around who took a serious interest in politics, very few people placed a bet on it.

Political betting was in its infancy, just beginning to come out and show us that it can be seen as a way to bet alongside sports.

Things started with very basic betting markets, but now we have seen that evolve to include many different ways to bet, in the UK, USA and around Europe.

Some of the decisions made, including those that determine election results, are some of the biggest that any country will have during a year, and everyone of them will have an accompanying betting market to go with it.

What Kind of Service is Available Now?

With the right bookmaker, a fantastic one. Everyone covers the big events, such as the 2020 Presidential Race, but what separates the best bookmakers is how deep their service is.

If you want to bet on who will win and become the next president for example, you will be able to do this with almost every bookmaker.

However, if you are looking to bet on who wins individual states then this is something that only those who take political betting seriously will have available.

Whether it is a swing state or something that should be won with ease, you will be able to place a bet on the outcome you believe will happen.

This is the same for any big event, the race we have mentioned to other worldwide big moments such as who will be Prime Minister in the UK and how will Brexit be completed.

Do All Bookmakers Accept Bets on Political Events?

Pretty much every bookmaker offers political betting. The difference between them is the depth of their service and the markets they offer.

The big market leaders such as bet365 offer a wide range of political betting markets to their players, while others only scratch the service and offer the bare minimum.

Those looking to begin betting on politics should always be on the lookout for a company that has a big offering. There may just be a market in their service that you have the edge on, because it is local to you or something you know a lot about.

Elsewhere, this market may not be available, preventing you the chance of using your extensive knowledge to place a winning bet.

As more people bet on politics, bookmakers are going to step up and offer more if they don’t already now. This should open up new betting platforms to those looking to broaden who they bet with.

What Does the Future Hold?

This is where we could see things get really interesting. Political betting is on the rise, and more people are placing bets on what they think will happen.

If people are prepared to wager money on their opinions, these opinions must be very strong. If that is the case, then if bookmakers reveal where the money has been going, we have a scale to gauge public opinion on huge events.

Could this be something used on TV by political analysts and reporters in the future? Could we see political betting reports being used to gauge how the public are feeling and what they think will happen?

We very rarely see this happen at the moment, but things are seemingly only just getting started. In another decade, if more people bet on political events, who knows what kind of landscape we will see in the political world, and how betting will play a part in that.


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