A Libertarian Republic in the USA?

Libertarianism is a political way of thinking based on the rights of the individual. The declaration of Independence would state, “… the privilege to life, freedom, and the quest for joy.” Libertarians unequivocally restrict government control in their own, family, and business choices. They accept that individuals ought to be allowed to live their lives as they see fit, as long as they don’t hurt any other person.

The way of thinking is limited by the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). This implies nobody may aggress with savagery, intimidation, or any utilization of power under any circumstances, other than with regards to their rights. Libertarians believe you have the freedom to say, eat, smoke, purchase, sell, learn, and do anything you desire with whomever you need – as long as you don’t hurt anybody or take another person’s stuff.

These are the fundamentals of Libertarianism, but let’s now look at further principles too.

Relationship with Betting

Gambling, therefore, fits in hand in hand with their views, considering that if it is not causing danger to people, then it should be practiced and enjoyed, to enhance freedom in America. There have been mixed views in regard to betting amongst Libertarians, but of course, this happens all the time in politics. While some say it is their right as an American to gamble both online and in-person, others argue that sometimes irresponsible gamblers put others in danger, such as their families, and this justifies laws preventing gambling.

Libertarians are inclined to think that life should certainly not be regulated by law, even the acts that are considered immoral. It is argued that if someone can smoke and potentially harm their family, why can’t they gamble too? Extreme Libertarians are in the viewpoint of advocating no limits whatsoever in gambling, such as betting the value of your home in the casinos, but the majority of Libertarians do draw the line somewhere.

They mostly believe in protecting gamblers from losing thousands of dollars within minutes. Surprisingly, sports betting was only legalized in America over the last few years! The supreme court gave states the go-ahead to legalize sports betting, and just like the Libertarian ethos –  each state has the freedom to choose if they want to legalize this form of gambling or not.

Economic Conservatism

Libertarians have confidence in the free market and accept that there’s little the administration can do to pressure organizations or people that would be better than the power of the “Invisible Hand.” That implies unlimited rivalry among financial institutions and encourages the disposal of the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security, and indeed income taxes.

Also in the free market, they believe organizations should live and perish without assistance from the government, meaning bailouts will not exist.

With that in mind, that doesn’t mean removing the government entirely. The platform committee has proposed explaining that casualties as a result of an organization’s negligence for the planet ought to be given compensation – when damages can be demonstrated and measured in an official courtroom.


Despite the socially liberal policies within the party, this is an issue where libertarians disagree on all levels, as it is quite controversial. The 2014 party decision on this topic was very in favor of abortion, contesting that the government ought to be kept out of the issue, leaving the issue in the hands of the women or families that are making the decisions.

However, recently there has been a somewhat controversial U-turn, suggested by the gathering’s foundation advisory group that involves a significant shift in regard to the previous position on the topic, taking it back to the political-center. Nowadays, Libertarians accept that although abortions may indeed happen, taxpayers are not entitled to pay for other people’s terminations of pregnancy. As one can imagine, it took people by surprise, given the complete change around from their previous stance on it.

Once again, Libertarians as a whole have their completely different stances on where life begins and the importance of abortions and who should decide. Moving the party back to the left of the political spectrum slightly, the platform committee has called to get rid of the rules on ‘over-the-counter’ contraceptives, as they help fight against unwanted pregnancies.

As you can tell, their views are all over the place – a very centrist party indeed.

Socially Liberal

The push for individual freedom puts libertarians toward the left side of the political spectrum in regard to a significant number of social issues. The 2014 platform contended that the legislature didn’t have the power to define, license, or restrict personal relationships, including that of consenting adults, who ought to have the opportunity to pick whoever satisfies them in life.

The equivalent goes for the legalization of drugs. The party considers the ownership and use of drugs as harmless wrongdoings that shouldn’t be dealt with further unless someone gets harmed in the process. The platform doesn’t, as of now, address capital punishment, yet the platform committee has proposed an indefinite suspension of the practice. This is mainly due to the number of exonerations since 1973 and the disproportional utilization of capital punishment dependent on race.


As one can tell, their policies are a complete mixture of leftist and politically-right points of view, and there seems to be a lot of divide in regard to stances with the party. Freedom is of paramount importance, in every sort of stance or view, and that is reflected throughout each and every political ideology that Libertarians stand for.


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