BRUTAL! Liberal Hack Eric Swalwell Tries to Get Smart with DNI Richard Grenell

Boy, this is telling.
Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief Noah Schachtman tweeted out his latest interview with lying Democrat Eric Swalwell saying the failed presidential candidate no longer trusts the ODNI and FBI to deliver the truth about the Russia Collusion scam.

Swalwell made the comments after recent documents confirm the Russia collusion investigation was a complete hoax and excuse by the Obama administration to spy on the opposition party during the 2016 election.

Swalwell and The Daily Beast are obviously still shamelessly pushing the debunked Russia conspiracy.

Of course, this is more proof that you can NEVER trust the liberal media or lying Democrat politicians.

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In response to Schacktman’s tweet Eric Swalwell took a swipe at outgoing DNI Richard Grenell and acting DNI John Ratcliffe.

It is telling that Swalwell praises corrupt acting FBI Director Chris Wray.

That’s when Ric Grenell put Swalwell in his place.
This was a brutal takedown!

Rep. Lee Zeldin added this–

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