Prince Charles Tells Jobless Brits To Go Pick Fruits And Vegetables During Lockdowns

Let them eat fruit.

Prince Charles has a suggestion for all those horrible people in Britain who weren’t fortunate enough to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths: Go pick fruits and vegetables.

“The Prince of Wales has come out in support of the Pick for Britain campaign, which aims to get people toiling in Britain’s fields,” the UK’s Mirror newspaper reported.

“It had been hoped that 80,000 jobs which are usually filled by seasonal workers from the EU would be taken by students and those out of work. The royal described the work of picking fruit and vegetables as ‘unglamorous and, at times, challenging,’ but said the work was “hugely important” to avoid food waste,” the paper reported.

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In a video message recorded at his Scottish home of Birkhall, Charles said: “At this time of great uncertainty many of our normal routines and regular patterns of life are being challenged.

“The food and farming sector is no exception. If we are to harvest British fruit and vegetables this year, we need an army of people to help. Food does not happen by magic. It all begins with our remarkable farmers and growers.

“If the last few weeks have proved anything, it is that food is precious and valued and it cannot be taken for granted. This is why the great movement of the Second World War – the Land Army – is being rediscovered in the newly-created ‘Pick for Britain’ campaign,” the prince said.

The “Pick For Britain” website says, “There are a wide range of roles across the country and they can vary dependent on the type of business. There’s no mistaking picking can be hard work and can involve being outdoors through all weather conditions. Some of the work will depend on the weather, so flexibility in term of hours you work will be required. A good level of fitness is usually required. All workers receive induction, training and a full health and safety briefing. You will be part of a supportive team, often working outside in the fresh air and you are bound to make new friends.”

British fruit and vegetable growers are dependent on migrant workers, and in England’s case, in normal years, they come mostly from Bulgaria and Romania, the Washington Post reported.

“The coronavirus, though, has disrupted movement across Europe. British growers say that even with special charter flights to bring workers in from Eastern Europe, the pool has dwindled because of travel restrictions, and because workers are afraid to come to the United Kingdom. With more than 36,000 confirmed dead from the virus, Britain has the highest death toll in Europe,” the Post said.


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