Pennsylvania Has More COVID-19 Deaths Over Age 100 than Under Age 45

Although the mainstream liberal media continues to lie spread rumors about the Coronavirus pandemic the truth is still getting out.

Back on March 15, 2020, The Gateway Pundit reported on the coronavirus death rates in Italy.

The Italian government released numbers on the coronavirus in mid March.
There were 1,809 new cases of the deadly disease reported in Italy at the time.

The Italian government also released the percentage of deaths by age group.

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90+ years old: 6% of deaths
80 – 89 years old: 42% of deaths
70 – 79 years old: 35% of deaths
60 – 69 years old: 16% of deaths

99% of the coronavirus deaths in Italy were people 60-years-old and older.
And according to the BBC the the AVERAGE AGE of those who have died is 81!

We are seeing similar results in country after country — despite the media hysterics and lies.

Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, reported this week that the coronavirus numbers in Pennsylvania are just like what we saw in Italy.
There were more victims over age 100 than under age 45.

Phil Kerpen joined Sebastian Gorka this week to discuss the COVID-19 deaths and death rates in the US.
Kerpen explained why so many states have grossly exaggerated the coronavirus death toll.

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