Costco Manager Threatens Shoppers “Wear A Mask OR ELSE” Then Takes their Cart Away from Them

A video has been circulating on Twitter over the past few days showing a Costco manager stealing groceries from a couple who were shopping in a Las Vegas area store without wearing a face mask.

The manager, Tison, confronted the couple and demanded that they wear a face mask or be ejected from the store.

The man filming the video snapped back that “he woke up in a free country” and refused to abide by the Costco managers demands, who then began aggressively pulling his shopping cart full of groceries away from him. As the couple realized that the manager was removing food from his cart, the man finally caved and said he would wear a mask while paying if that was what he had to do to feed his family.

Some might find it understandable that companies like Costco are instituting such policies, but this was a bit harsh.

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