RNC Chair Announces That The Party Will Not Be Holding a Virtual Convention

Ronna McDaniels, the chairwoman for the Republican National Committee, has announced that they will not be holding a virtual convention due to the coronavirus pandemic.

McDaniels told the Associated Press that “it’s quite a ways away, and there’s ample time for us to adjust, if necessary.”

However, later in the interview she asserted that “we will not be holding a virtual convention” in response to a question about the possible hacking of the Minnesota Republican Party’s virtual convention.

There has been a lot of concern and speculation about whether or not the party’s will hold their presidential nominating conventions virtually or in person, as thousands of people normally attend both.

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The Republican National Convention is currently scheduled to take place from August 24-27th in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“The RNC has hired a medical adviser for the convention, and McDaniel said the party will need to consult with the Charlotte mayor and North Carolina governor on logistics,” AP reports.

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