Atwater, California Declares Itself ‘Sanctuary City” for Businesses

The central California city of Atwater passed a resolution on Friday declaring itself a ‘sanctuary city’ for business owners.
Businesses were allowed to open shop this weekend.

ABC news 7 reported:

The City of Atwater has declared itself a “sanctuary city” for all businesses, allowing owners to open despite the state of California’s stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Atwater City Council voted on the resolution on Friday afternoon, saying it, “Affirms the city’s commitment to fundamental constitutional rights.”

“This is America. You have the choice. It’s time for the government to stop dictating another month, another three months, six months,” said Atwater Mayor Paul Creighton. “When is it going to end? When everyone is bankrupt?”

Non-profit organizations, such as churches, are also allowed to reopen under the new resolution.

Business Owners were allowed to reopen on Friday.

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