‘Who knows who is signing this stuff?’: Trump calls mail-in voting ‘very dangerous’

From Washington Examiner:

“Why would Nancy Pelosi come up with this $3 trillion plan? She knows it’s dead on arrival. She knows nobody will go for a marijuana business in the middle of a pandemic,” Bartiromo also asked.

“More than anything else, she wants the way of voting changed. Because if you did that — look, they have had some very dishonest things. You look at California, look at Los Angeles, where Judicial Watch settled a case where they agreed that a million votes were fraudulent, a million votes in one area were fraudulent. And they could have done a lot more. It was so ridiculous. There was no reason to go any further. They came to a settlement. They agreed on a million votes. The level of dishonesty with Democrat voting is unbelievable,” Trump said.

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