Trump Warns McConnell on Failure to Hold Democrats Accountable for Russia Collusion Hoax

President Trump warned Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) that his failure to hold the Democrats accountable for the Russia hoax will endanger the Republican majority in the Senate and McConnell’s campaign to pack the federal judiciary with constitutional conservatives nominated by Trump. Trump also tagged Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

File screen image, March 5, 2020.

Trump keyed off the Federalist’s Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway tweeting out Hemingway’s Friday article on McConnell. Davis wrote, “Mitch McConnell has spent years pretending as though the Russian collusion hoax never happened. If he thinks he’s going to keep the Senate majority and confirm more judges without addressing the hoax and holding the hoaxers accountable, he’s lost his mind.”

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Trump said to McConnell, “Mitch, I love you, but this is 100% true. Time is running out. Get tough and move quickly, or it will be too late. The Dems are vicious, but got caught. They MUST pay a big price for what they have done to our Country. Don’t let them get away with this! @LindseyGrahamSC”

Hemingway commented, “McConnell should remember he can’t confirm good judges if GOP is not in majority and if Trump isn’t president to nominate them. Both things are threatened by his long-time lack of interest in holding Russia hoaxers accountable for what they did.”

Trump replied, “This is true. I say it all the time. The Republicans must play by the same rules, or die! Wow Mollie, you are good.”

Excerpt from Hemingway’s article in the Federalist:

For Americans hoping Senate Republicans might finally engage the Russia collusion hoax seriously, last night’s interview of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by “Special Report’s” Bret Baier was a tremendous disappointment. McConnell better figure out quickly that if he doesn’t hold the Resistance accountable for the Russia hoax that harmed his party and the entire country for many years, he won’t have a majority in the next term. If it helps to motivate him, he should remember that not having the majority in the next term means he won’t get to confirm judges, an issue he hopes will be his defining legacy.

…McConnell didn’t just whiff on the Russia collusion hoax investigation in general, he failed to investigate after the implosion of the Mueller probe, and he failed to investigate after the inspector general report showing the problems with how the Trump campaign was spied on. He appears ready to fail once again in the aftermath of the Mike Flynn case being withdrawn.

In last night’s interview, McConnell appeared not just uninterested but uninformed on the scandal of Democrats weaponizing the intelligence community for partisan gain. Baier asked McConnell to comment on the case of Flynn, Trump’s first national security advisor who was a major victim of the Russia collusion hoax. Here’s McConnell’s limp response:

“Well, If there were in fact misbehavior surrounding the Flynn case, the American public needs to know. And clearly that was the view of the attorney general. I gather it’s now in a rather unusual procedure of being reviewed by the district judge before whom the case was. I think we’re just anxious to get the facts. what actually happened. The American public needs to know; all of us would like to know. And one thing about Washington: you guys are so good at your job, truth always comes out, sometimes it takes a little longer than other times, but we’ll find out what in fact did happen.”

End excerpt. Please read the entire Federalist article at this link.

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