How Obama Pushed James Comey to Target Gen. Flynn

“Obama was the one pushing the Logan Act theory. Obama was the one pushing Comey to treat the [Trump] White House differently,” Fitton asserts in last week’s Weekly Update

“It’s been a great week for justice,” Fitton states in response to General Flynn’s exoneration on the part of the Justice Department. Flynn, “an American hero” caught up in “ethical morass of the Mueller operation,” was the victim of an “abusive spy operation” on the part of the FBI which, interestingly was initially the brainchild of then-President Barack Obama. 

On January 5th 2017, “Obama held an Oval Office meeting where he discussed Flynn and the transcripts of his call with the ambassador with his leadership team, including Sally Yates, James Comey, Biden and others” – Fitton claims. According to statements made by Sally Yates, Obama suggested using the Logan Act, “a legal nullity” to disingenuously target President Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor. But as the President’s incoming National Security Advisor, “Gen. Flynn was doing his job in talking to the Russian Ambassador, just like any incoming foreign policy team,” Fitton continues.

Following Obama’s suggestion, “Comey was doing Obama’s bidding, as Comey admitted. Bypassing the rules by the way!” Fitton asserts. “Isn’t it interesting,” Fitton states, “how it all ties back to Obama. There was this ambush interview set up by Barack Obama through his minion James Comey, and Yates describes it all. So when it comes to the seditious conspiracy against Trump, Obama is responsible.”  

The Flynn operation was a “a conspiracy, demonstrating contempt for the President, and contempt for the Constitution,” Fitton concludes. 

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