Mother Gets Arrested In Front Of Her CRYING CHILD For Protesting Coronavirus Lockdown In Australia

A mother was arrested and separated from her crying child in Sydney, Australia for protesting ‘for her rights’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

The mother was arrested for violating Australia’s coronavirus social distancing regulations that require all Australians to keep a distance of 1.5 meters away from each other at all times.

‘I don’t know how you guys are going home in honor tonight and trying to infringe me with a notice which I don’t consent to because we’re doing nothing wrong,’ she told the group of officers.

‘You guys should be here holding the signs with us, defending us. I don’t consent to what you’re doing.’

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Police attempted to arrest the woman, while her son screamed and cried.

‘Mummy is not going,’ he said. ‘Leave mummy alone.’


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