Judicial Watch Seeks Fauci-WHO Communications

“We want to know what Dr. Fauci was being told about the coronavirus by the WHO and China,” Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update.

Suing the NIH for the release of Dr. Fauci’s communications with the World Health Organization, Judicial Watch “wants answers”on what Dr. Fauci and his deputy, Dr. Lane were being told by the WHO and potentially, by China. Dr. Fauci claims to have been “misled” by the WHO, one of his early mistakes being his analysis “of how transmittable the virus was. In part, I’m sure that came from the Chinese,” Fitton states. These admissions have prompted Judicial Watch to represent the Daily Caller News Foundation in their seeking discovery of their full communications. 

“In a crisis, transparency and the rule of law should not fall on the wayside,” Fitton states. In its fight to uphold transparency in government, Judicial Watch has already filed over 30 FOIA requests to receive complete records on the government’s response to the pandemic as well as information related to the “outrageous lockdowns” which Governors have imposed across the United States, who in Fitton’s words “have no lawful authority to shut down entire states.”

Judicial Watch believes it is imperative to investigate senior leadership in the National Institute of Health (NIH), from Dr. Fauci to Mr. Lane as it is “important to know what the WHO was telling our top medical officials,” Fitton concludes.

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