Dying WWII Veteran Denied Family Visitation Due To Coronavirus

As most Americans are still living under the tyrannical lockdown orders from state and local government, we have seen on numerous occasions how this has effected funeral services. But what happens when you have a loved one in a nursing home whose condition begins deteriorating and moving towards an end of life situation?

In Florida, the family of a decorated WW2 veteran was barred from entering the nursing home after they were told that Lt. Roger Swanson was reaching the end of his time in this realm. Marshall Swanson, his grandson, told TGP that his grandfather was being mistreated before he died and that he believes they denied his family the opportunity to say goodbye in order to hide the evidence of the abuse.

“The callous manner in which staff treated my grandfather’s condition represents nothing less than neglect and abuse. These nursing homes have become death traps where families cannot hold staff accountable anymore. The lockdown must be modified for older Americans to allow oversight from at least one family member. Regardless of being a veteran or not, everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. However, I find it especially jaw dropping that after all the time and service my grandfather gave to this country, he died alone and neglected in nursing home with staff who could have brought family in during his final days and hours, but did nothing.”

Central Florida TV station WFTV published a report on the situation yesterday, confirming the family has now filed a complaint with the state of Florida over the abuse and their refusal to allow a final goodbye. Swanson dropped bombs on Nazi Germany and conducted several search and rescue missions when serving our nation, before becoming a journalist and proud grandfather according to his family.

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The idea that this Coranavirus pandemic and media generated hysteria could not only keep Americans from working but also saying goodbye to their elderly loved ones is as depressing as it is flat out wrong.

Efforts to reach the administrator of the facility by this GP reporter were unfruitful. An article published by Orlando Local News featured a recording of Swanson’s grandson confronting the administrator, who stated she was “just following policy” and could not allow visitation due to the Coronavirus. However, the family was allowed to take possession of the body after Lt. Swanson passed, entering and exiting the facility the same way they would have if they had the opportunity to say goodbye.

UPDATE — Swanson’s family wanted to make it clear that he did not die from Coronavirus, but of natural causes.

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