Florida Republican Slams “Snitch Site” Aimed At Reporting Small Businesses

Anthony Sabatini, a freshmen lawmaker in Central Florida, circulated a letter from his office and took to his social media accounts to slam the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), for publishing a website that allows Floridians to report businesses for “violating social distancing guidelines.”  Our sources say that the DBPR’s development of the site was a “rogue” action that conflicts with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ wish to reopen the state of Florida and get the economy back to historic highs ahead of President Trump’s re-election in 2020.

Sabatini rightfully worries that the website could remain active after the COVID-19 pandemic relents, serving as a “snitch site” that could be weaponized to hurt small businesses in the Sunshine State.

Speaking exclusively to TGP, Sabatini, who also serves in the Florida National Guard and has been viewed as one of the strictest constitutionalist members of the Florida House, called it “typical of government bureaucrats”. During this crisis, Sabatini has been on the front-lines of the legislative fight, but also the emergency response from Florida’s National Guard units.

“Bureaucrats always use a crisis to expand their power and reach — instead of finding ways to help small businesses. They would rather find ways to control and punish them.”

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Florida isn’t the first state or government agency to publish “snitch sites”, however it might be the first where a department has gone rogue against a governor’s order to reopen the state and help reinvigorate small business.

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