Judicial Watch Sues California’s Newsom in Push to Stop Coronavirus Stimulus From Going to Illegal Immigrants

From FOX News:

A conservative legal group announced Tuesday that it is suing California Gov. Gavin Newsom over plans to pay $75 million in cash payments to aid illegal immigrants amid the coronavirus crisis.

Judicial Watch said it filed a petition for a temporary restraining order to prevent Newsom and Kim Johnson, the director of the California Department of Social Services, from moving forward with the plan.

“The governor has no legal authority on his own to spend state taxpayer money for cash payments to illegal aliens, and coronavirus doesn’t give him or any other politician a pass to violate the law,” Tom Fitton, the firm’s president, said in a statement.

Last month, Newsom announced plans to shore up $125 million to aid undocumented immigrants living in his state. Taxpayers would kick up $75 million while the rest would come from a group of charities. California has around 2 million illegal immigrants.

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