How To Dropship With WooCommerce In 2020?

When it comes to building your dropshipping eCommerce website you have two options: Build it yourself or use one of the many online platforms.  In this article, we’re sharing why WordPress,  the handy WooCommerce plug-in and some DIY is a great option when building your site.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin with 63 million downloads, it’s 100% customizable and is free of charge.  WooCommerce can grow with your business as it provides a  fast and responsive experience for online stores of all sizes.

Getting started

WooCommerce payment system ensures maximum security for customers  and has a lot of flexibility.  To start your WooCommerce drop shipping business  first install WordPress.  Go to and install it by following the instructions.    You’ll configure the basics including where your store is located  what you plan to sell and payment and shipping options.  From there your WooCommerce dropshipping store is ready.  You can begin customizing the store and theme to your liking.

Now that you’ve built your WooCommerce store,  it’s time to start your successful drop shipping business. The traditional dropshipping business model would require you to look for suppliers, reach a commercial agreement, set out a fulfilment order in process and find a workable shipping method

Another way of doing dropshipping is with a tech app, giving you access to all of the aliexpress best selling products.  In this way you can rely on some specific dropshipping software designed to connect your store with Chinese market place, such as Alibaba, which would allow you to sell their products on your store with a margin.  This system is easy, but it does have a few drawbacks:

  • your store isn’t unique
  • the prices / margins aren’t great
  • you’re only connecting platforms vs forming real business relationships

You’ll often have to process everything manually,  there’s no option for private labelling  and you don’t get a lot of shipping control.  To run a successful drop shipping business,  you need to focus on sales, promotions  and spend time creating aggressive marketing campaigns.

SaleSource helps you to deal with all the sourcing and logistics issues you’d face with the two methods explained above.  SaleSource offers the only software that integrates  the services of a drop shipping app with the solutions of a traditional partner in China  all on the same dashboard. It’s also the ideal platform for finding out how to dropship with aliexpressSaleSource  will provide the products to sell and manage the entire fulfillment process.  With us, you’ll find cheaper prices than many marketplaces you’re sourcing from,  you could private label your drop shipping products and fast shipping them worldwide.

How is all of this possible? How can you leverage a tool and platform like SaleSource?  We’d love to show you! SaleSource connects with WooCommerce.  This means that you can enjoy all the benefits of our platform in just a few clicks.

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