Government Leaders You Would Not Want to Upset

Ever thought about the prospect of betting on politicians and general political ideas? Well, through the Sunnyplayer bonus code this could be possible, and there are plenty of debates going on right now. With everything from the next US election to how Britain will continue after Brexit, it’s an interesting spin on regular sports betting.

There are still free bets out there for these betting markets just like sports, especially with sites like Comeon that give members a bunch of rewards on a regular basis. These markets are crammed with some downright scary politicians, however, and we’ve identified some of the scariest within this article.

Stand Clear of These People

  1. Angela Merkel

German’s often have this stereotype of being quite cold and somewhat ‘steely’ in expression, and while this stereotype is somewhat overexaggerated, Angela Merkel definitely fits the description. She’s a fierce lady indeed, and it’s fairly rare that you see her crack a smile when she is up there addressing the nation.

We have a feeling that she could be absolutely ruthless when she wants to be, so maybe it’s best to stay on the right side of Merkel? Either way, she is certainly a powerful figure who will get plenty accomplished for Germany during her time in power.

  1. Vladimir Putin


Putin is probably the most intimidating politician on the planet for multiple reasons. To kick things off, he used to be in the KGB, one of the most ruthless forces in modern history. On top of this, he is the subject of many conspiracy theories that tie him to murder, bribery, assassinations, and other rather unpleasant things. While nobody can say whether this is true or not, he’s a guy that does look incredibly intimidating at times.

Mind you, you’ve got to be a pretty imposing person to be the president of Russia. You can just tell when Putin sits down with other political leaders that he is not phased by anything that they throw at him. This is no doubt why he has been such an influential politician in Russia, not to mention his popularity with Russian citizens.

  1. Donald Trump

Trump might not have the same steel face and no-nonsense persona as Merkel or Putin. At first glance, he may appear a bit of a clown really, especially with his bright orange tan and bleach blonde hair, but look beneath the surface and this could be one dangerous guy. To start with, he’s a billionaire, so he could practically pay for anything he wants, including getting some bad things done to some rather bad people.

As well as this, Trump is not afraid of conflict and controversy when facing reporters and other world leaders. He will be the first to defend himself and the USA if he is questioned over something tender, and he does have that ability to make people believe in his ideologies. This is always a powerful weapon in politics, which is why Trump has made it onto this list.

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